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APRIL 2016

Hattifnatter - Barometrizm Umpio / Kryptogen Rundfunk

Recent releases:


Cosmonoise 2016  Solar Systo 2016

Forthcoming events:

12.04.2016.  GOVORIT RADIO KOSMOS @ Cosmonoise 2016 (with Kshatriy, Svetlo111 + Ogni Videniy, Toxi-X, VJ Yuri Elik) - Sound Museum (ESG-21), St. Petersburg.

23.04.2016.  KRYPTOGEN RUNDFUNK (with Bankistan, Tongue Of Birds, Katapygon) - Hideout, Moscow.

06.05.2016 - 10.05.2016.  LUNAR ABYSS, HATTIFNATTER @ Solar Systo 2016 (with Six Dead Bulgarians, Noises Of Russia, Kshatriy, Ogni Videniy, ZHA, Uhushuhu, Svetlo111, Tongue Of Birds, Silent eXperiment, DJ Evergreen, Somnambula, 73!, Three Cows Free, Disturban, Melodie Des Vergessens, Unilence, Tervaink, Koloyar Dreved', Eiva Ada, Eform, Introsvet, Morisquat, Abedabun.Project, Bankistan, Sergey Yahgel, Dro)))me, Gastronom #22, InSpectr, Chisto Pole, Iceland, Imprum, Tile~Shore, Sobranie 9 19 and others) - open-air, Leningrad region.

* * * * *


Lunar Abyss / Kshatriy dRЁmA-10 Alchemy Of Noise: The Third Experience

Forthcoming events:

12.12.2015.  LUNAR ABYSS (with Kshatriy, VJ Yuri Elik) - ESG-21, St. Petersburg.
19.12.2015.  LUNAR ABYSS + HATTIFNATTER @ dRЁmA-10 (with Ogni Videniy, 73!, Pustota, Exit To Exist) - Zanza, St. Petersburg.
25.12.2015.  HATTIFNATTER @ Alchemy Of Noise: The Third Experience (with Mira Drevo, WoodMood) - ESG-21, St. Petersburg.

* * * * *


Radiostalking / Kryptogen Rundfunk - Code 55 / Elektrostatika Eastern Europe Experimental Underground 015 Survey Gudelnaya Drone Fest

Two new releases featuring Kryptogen Rundfunk:

Radiostalking "Code 55" / Kryptogen Rundfunk "Elektrostatika" MC (Biosonar^Lo-End, 050/2015, ltd. 15) - split-tape with Evgeniy Savenko's project Radiostalking, live-in-studio track by Kryptogen Rundfunk back from 2004.

Eastern Europe Experimental Underground 015 Survey mp3 / flac (Unexplained Sounds Group) - an excursion in Eatern European post-industrial underground made by the Italian researcher Raffaele Pezzella. Available to listen and purchase here: https://unexplainedsoundsgroup.bandcamp.com/album/eastern-europe-experimental-underground-015-survey

Forthcoming events:

October 24th - HATTIFNATTER - Gudelnaya - Zanza, St. Petersburg (with Ogni Videniy, Three Cows Free).

November 8th - LUNAR ABYSS DEUS ORGANUM - Drone Fest - The Place, St. Petersburg (with Six Dead Bulgarians, Creation VI, Dvory, Uhushuhu).

* * * * *

JUNE 2015

Why Not? Festival 4 Music Of Present - NOISE

June 13th - KRYPTOGEN RUNDFUNK and LUNAR ABYSS + HATTIFNATTER - Why Not? Festival 4 - open air, Leningrad region (with Ogni Videniy, Svetlo111, A.T.M.O.M., Seidr, Kshatriy, 73! and more).

June 27th - KRYPTOGEN RUNDFUNK and LUNAR ABYSS DEUS ORGANUM - Forum "Music of Present", day 4 - NOISE - ESG-21, St. Petersburg (with Alexei Borisov + Max Evstropov, Burkhard Beins, Vetrophonia, Bardoseneticcube).

* * * * *


Cutting by Zero Cold Sun

December 13th - GOVORIT RADIO KOSMOS - Cutting by Zero - Experimental Sound Gallery (ESG-21), St. Petersburg (with Svetlo, Pustota).

December 27th - LUNAR ABYSS + HATTIFNATTER - Cold Sun - Experimental Sound Gallery (ESG-21), St. Petersburg (with Kshatriy, Ogni Videniy, Lucid Dream Organization).

* * * * *


Elektro-Mechanika Terminus

November 22nd - KRYPTOGEN RUNDFUNK - Elektro-Mechanika - Sergey Kuryokhin's Contemporary Art Center, St. Petersburg (with Mika Vainio, Uhushuhu, Clock DVA, Delicate Features, Ben Frost, Xavier Van Wersch, Young Fathers, Mnogoznaal & Tilmil, Love Cult, Raumskaya).

November 23rd - KRYPTOGEN RUNDFUNK - Terminus - PIPL, Moscow (with Bad Sector, Clock DVA, Ben Frost, Black Rain).

* * * * *


Wonderland Experience
September 12-14 - LUNAR ABYSS - Wonderland Experience - open-air, Leningrad region (with: Caribace Dub Club, Places, X-Trees, UltraFairies, etc.).

September 19-21 - GOVORIT RADIO KOSMOS - Zlatolesye - open-air, Leningrad region (with: Baltic Wind, i! project, Taigan Sunset, Time For Slime, Beton, DJ Docto Docto, DJ Kadroma, DJ Funt, DJ Utkan, Achilles, Flynotes, etc.).

September 21 - LUNAR ABYSS - da:da:, St. Petersburg (with: Troum, 1000shoen).

September 27 - KRYPTOGEN RUNDFUNK - da:da:, St. Petersburg (with: Alexei Borisov, Geleovector, AZ, Lackluster, Elena Glazova, Sergey Kostyrko, Copi Chon, Bardoseneticcube, D. Sorokin & V. Luchanskiy, Tembr69, Gastronom №22, Boris Shershenkov).

* * * * *


dRЁma Art OF Mind

June 28th - LUNAR ABYSS - dRЁma - St. Petersburg, Zanza (with Uhushuhu, Ogni Videniy, Kshatriy).

July 12th - LUNAR ABYSS - Art Of Mind - Visionaly Art Gathering - St. Petersburg, "Mir" (with: Bird Language / Andy Quark, A.T.M.O.M., Rushmo, Elena Aki + Anton Spartakov, Ogni Videniy, North Hive, Akinesia, Kshatriy, Unlogic Thing).

* * * * *

APRIL 2014

Cosmonoise 2014 

April, 12th - GOVORIT RADIO KOSMOS - Cosmonoise 2014 - St. Petersburg, Capella (with Kshatriy, Project 503).

April, 17th - KRYPTOGEN RUNDFUNK - St. Petersburg, Taiga (with Ilya Belorukov + Sergey Kostyrko, Alexander Zaytsev + Elena Glazova, Coaxil).

* * * * *


Sound by KRYPTOGEN RUNDFUNK is used in the new video of Dmitriy Kawarga, dedicated to the "Apocalypse 21.12.2012" exhibition which took place in December 2012. Soundtrack also features the composition by Alexander Khubeev "Cryptocalipse" for cello and electronics.

Apocalypse 21.12.2012 from Kawarga Dmitry on Vimeo.

Forthcoming gigs:

01.03.2014.  Jam Session @ yoMaslenitsa. Russian Droning (with members of Borovik Eralash, Kshatriy, Sal Solaris, RAjFAjH, Codex Occulta, Svetlo, Maruun, A.T.M.O.M., Noises Of Russia, etc.) - ESG-21, St. Petersburg.
09.03.2014.  HATTIFNATTER - ESG-21, St. Petersburg.
28.03.2014.  BALTIC WIND (with Hvide Haetter) - ESG-21, St. Petersburg.
30.03.2014.  LUNAR ABYSS (with Akinesia) - ESG-21, St. Petersburg.

* * * * *


Winter Modulations of Sound Timbre Recipes of Eternity V

Forthcoming gigs:

December 6th - KRYPTOGEN RUNDFUNK - Winter Modulations of Sound Timbre - St. Petersburg, Time-Cafe "Now" (also playing: Svetlo, Kshatriy, Codex Occulta, A.T.M.O.M.).

December 28th - GOVORIT RADIO KOSMOS - Recipes of Eternity V - St. Petersburg, ESG-21 (also playing: Rajfajh, Kshatriy, Dark Voice Of Angelique, Mrrybrd).

* * * * *


 Fractal Show

Forthcoming events:

November 17th - LUNAR ABYSS DEUS ORGANUM - St. Petersburg, ESG-21 (jam-session with friends, dedicated to the project's 15 years anniversary).
November 29th - HATTIFNATTER - Fractal Show - St. Petersburg, ESG-21 (with Uhushsuhu / Utrovotru, VJ Yuri Elik, VJ B=HxG).

An interview with KRYPTOGEN RUNDFUNK did a "Noisepaper" webzine (in Russian language):

HATTIFNATTER track "Videli Da" released on a compilation of experimental electronics "Intersected" by the German label Attenuation Circuit. You can listen to the compilation and download it for free from here: http://emerge.bandcamp.com/album/intersected.

* * * * *



October 25th - LUNAR ABYSS DEUS ORGANUM - St. Petersburg, The Place (with Rapoon, Kshatriy).

October 27th - KRYPTOGEN RUNDFUNK - Radiosculptures - St. Petersburg, Experimental Sound Gallery (ESG-21) (with Ritualnaya Bioingeneria).

* * * * *


Forest Tales

September 28th - SIX DEAD BULGARIANS + NEZNAMO + NOISES OF RUSSIA + KRYPTOGEN RUNDFUNK + VJ Yuri Elik - Forest Tales, Experimental Sound Gallery (ESG-21), St. Petersburg.

* * * * *


Meeting at Volga

August 30th - NOISES OF RUSSIA - Meeting at Volga, open-air, Volgograd.

* * * * *

JULY 2013

Forest Drone Evening Prophetic Moss

July 5th - A.T.M.O.M. + KRYPTOGEN RUNDFUNK - Forest Drone Evening, St. Petersburg, Experimental Sound Gallery (ESG-21) (with Ogni Videniy, Volosov Les, Maruun, Svetlo).

July 12-14th - DJ KRYPTOGEN, LUNAR ABYSS, NOISES OF RUSSIA - Prophetic Moss, open-air, Leningrad region.

* * * * *

JUNE 2013

Star Booths Pure Colour

June 8th - LUNAR ABYSS - Star Booths, St. Petersburg, Experimental Sound Gallery (ESG-21) (with Tile~Shore, Exit To Exist).
June 13th - KRYPTOGEN RUNDFUNK - Pure Colour, St. Petersburg, Nevskiy 8 - an opening of the "red part" of the art exhibition (with Wozzeck).

* * * * *

MAY 2013

Krankenfest Noise Pollution Fest Vol.7

May 18th - DJ KRYPTOGEN - Krankenfest, St. Petersburg, Arktika club.
May 25th - GOVORIT RADIO KOSMOS - Noise Pollution Fest Vol.7, St. Petersburg, Barbara club.

* * * * *

APRIL 2013

Kosmonoize 2013 Dead Cosmonauts Day
Apocalyptic Improv Fest Bad Sector

Forthcoming gigs:

April 12th - GOVORIT RADIO KOSMOS @ Kosmonoize 2013, St. Petersburg, ESG-21.
April 13th - NOISES OF RUSSIA @ Dead Cosmonauts Day, Finland, Helsinki, Studio La-bas.
April 17th - NOISES OF RUSSIA @ Apocalyptic Improv Fest, St. Petersburg, da:da: club.
April 21st - KRYPTOGEN RUNDFUNK (+ Sal Solaris, Bad Sector), St. Petersburg, da:da: club.

* * * * *

MARCH 2013

Русская гудьба Tzolk'in Lunar Abyss & friends

Forthcoming gigs:

March 15th (evening) - Russian droning (alco jam), St. Petersburg, ESG-21.
March 15th (night) - DJ KRYPTOGEN (+ Tzolk'in, x3d5, Bardoseneticcube, DJ Ekza), St. Petersburg, da:da: club.
March 18th - LUNAR ABYSS (+ Ogni Videniy, Neznamo, Svetlo), St. Petersburg, ESG-21.

* * * * *


Вход в пустоту Dark Ambient Night Analogies Post-Sovietiques

Forthcoming gigs:

January 20th - GOVORIT RADIO KOSMOS - Enter the Emptiness, Moscow, art-bombard Rubilnya.
February 1st - NOISES OF RUSSIA - Dark Ambient Night, St. Petersburg, da:da: club.
February 7th - NOISES OF RUSSIA - Analogies Post-Sovietiques #1, France, Paris, Les Voutes.
February 8th - KRYPTOGEN RUNDFUNK - Analogies Post-Sovietiques #2, France, Paris, Les Voutes.
February 22nd - NOISES OF RUSSIA - Fullnoise, St. Petersburg, ESG-21.

* * * * *


Electricity Ended

December 21st - NOISES OF RUSSIA - Electricity Ended, St. Petersburg, Zoccolo club.

* * * * *


Final Countdown Prty Noise Pollution fest Vol. 5
Структурные пустоты

Forthcoming gigs:

November 16th - DJ KRYPTOGEN - Final Countdown Prty, St. Petersburg, Harmony and Spiritual Development Center.
November 18th - GOVORIT RADIO KOSMOS - Noise Pollution fest vol. 5, St. Petersburg, bar "Asshole".
November 19th - BOEVYE CIKADY - Structural Emptinesses, St. Petersburg, Experimental Sound Gallery (ESG-21).

* * * * *


Meeting on Volga

August 24-25th - NOISES OF RUSSIA - Volgograd, "Meeting on Volga" festival.

* * * * *

MAY 2012

Prophetic Moss

I'm going to take part in the forest festival "Prophetic Moss" on July 5-8th, in several actions - as DJ Kryptogen, and also as a member of the projects NOISES OF RUSSIA and LUNAR ABYSS DEUS ORGANUM + HATTIFNATTER. See you in the woods!

* * * * *


Hattifnatter - Liven'1 Lunar Abyss - Yolgva

St. Petersburg based label L.Sh. released a small edition cassette "Liven'1" with live recordings of Hattifnatter, Lunar Abyss and Govorit Radio Kosmos made in 2008-2010.

Another St. Petersburg based label BioSonar^Lo-End put out a CDR and cassette with an archive live recording of Lunar Abyss "Yolgva" (01.11.2004) from Experimental Sound Gallery (ESG-21).

Other news is that we're going to play with Noises Of Russia on Feb. 21st in "Zoccolo" club, St. Petersburg with an opera singer Alexander Korenkov. More info about this event here: http://vk.com/noise_opera.

* * * * *


V/A - Oredezh

"On the New 2012 Year's eve Fulldozer Records proudly presents our new full-length release. The music research topic is "Oredezh" - a beautiful river in the south-west of Leningradskaya Oblast' (rural area around Saint Petersburg), mentioned in the 1240 chronicles in connection with "the forced christening of Russia". Legends have it that when Russia was being christened, local inhabitants went to hide in forests, some to organize guerrilla groups, others simply to take refuge...

Just for this release several well-known musicians and sound-artists came up with their interpretations of the raw pagan black metal track that gave the compilation it's name. The compilation is not a single or compilation of remixes, or "pagan" compilation. We wanted to create large musical canvas with varying sound in which interesting artists from all over the world would express their opinions and their points of view on this theme using the universal ways of musical language."


* * * * *

JULY 2011

"A Model of Biometric Reflections" by Kawarga.

Presented at the sci-art festival "THE LIFE. The Science Version" on April 2-17, 2010 in Moscow, WINZAVOD Center of Contemporary Art, White floor.

Created by Dmitry and Elena Kawarga
Scientific curator - Timur Schukin
Programming - Sergey Monakhov
Robotic engineering - Valery Karpov & Maria Platonova
Audio - Kryptogen Rundfunk

More information: http://kawarga.com/life/Life.htm

* * * * *

MAY 2011

Kryptogen Rundfunk - Live 2005 Systo Palty Togathering

New release of KRYPTOGEN RUNDFUNK with live material from 2005:

"After several limited edition split and collaborative releases this is the first solo recording by Kryptogen Rundfunk since the release of his album "22.SZ" on Mechanoise Labs label back in 2004. The disk contains live recordings made during the "Noise vs Glamour" festival in 2005 in St. Petersburg and Moscow, later reworked in home studio... In fact the same program was prepared for both shows so some fragments of the compositions intersect, but due to the live mixing of sampled layers of analogue and computer synthesis and use of such instruments as analogue synth "Rokton", radio receivers, voice and processing units, both tracks sound entirely different in the end. In both cases these are constantly moving psychoactive soundscapes spreading from soft pulsations and drones to sprightly noisy fragments spiced up with a couple of funny samples".

HATTIFNATTER will perform at the forthcoming Systo Palty Togathering festival. Also I'd like to play some ambient end electroacoustic music as DJ KRYPTOGEN.

* * * * *


Lunar Abyss Deus Organum + Hattifnatter - Boloto Lunar Abyss Deus Organum + Hattifnatter & Neznamo & Kshatriy & Vresnit - Sonastroika

Out now is a couple of collaboration recordings of HATTIFNATTER project: the album "Boloto", dedicated to forest quagmires, hobgoblins and water spirits, and also the recording of a live jam by the projects LUNAR ABYSS DEUS ORGANUM + HATTIFNATTER, NEZNAMO, KSHATRIY and VRESNIT "Sonastroika" (04.11.2010, ESG-21, St. Petersburg).

* * * * *


V/A - Isorropia II

A compilation featuring HATTIFNATTER project dedicated to the Autumn Equinox 2010 is released by Moscow label Heliophagia as a free to download net release. More info here: http://heliophagia.org/eng/?index=18.

In the nearest time the experimental line-up of NOISES OF RUSSIA will perform at two events:

September 25 - celebration of the Autumn Equinox, open-air at the shore of Ladoga Lake, Leningrad region.

October 8 - the opening of the exhibition Dark Water by Kirill Rozhkov and EGE company, Bulthaup gallery, St. Petersburg.

* * * * *

JULY 2010

Hattifnatter - Ololiuqui

St. Petersburg based label Operator Produkzion has released the first "solo" mini-album of our project Hattifnatter, which previously had only two "collaboration" recordings with Lunar Abyss Deus Organum. Label press-release says:

"A collaboration project of Evgeny Savenko (Lunar Abyss Deus Organum) and M.M. (Kryptogen Rundfunk). Transcendental mystical electroacoustics and Musique Concrete, improvisations in psychedelic Drone Ambient and Lo-Fi Easy Noise style. Dark and funny atmosphere of a parallel existence. Music of electromagnetic lifeforms. Intuitive journey in sound through the spaces of wave fields and noise veils. Cult of Barometer and Lightningism. Handmade cardboard cover."

* * * * *

MAY 2010

In the midnight on June 1st the radiostation "Echo of Petersburg" will present a program by Nikolay Neljubin "Midnight. XXI Century" dedicated to the project EKRAN. The program starts right after midnight from Monday to Tuesday and can be heard at 91.5 FM in St. Petersburg and suburbs. Other cities can listen online here (delay of live transmission is 5-10 minutes).


Web magazine Radiodrone.ru and Moonsun Productions present the festival of pre-music Otgoloski (3).
More info here: http://radiodrone.ru/news/23_05_kc_dom_tretij_festival_do_muzyki_otgoloski/2010-05-23-407.

And then summer comes...

* * * * *

APRIL 2010

Today (April 24th) is the opening day of an exhibition "Hair of Kulik" or "Topography of Creative Intention" by Dmitry Kawarga in "Gridchin-hall". 30-meter long mega-sculpture sonically reacts to the changes of mind state of a spectator. I had an honour to prepare the soundtrack for this thing.

Press-release for this event (in Russian only) can be found here: http://kryptogen.livejournal.com/30865.html.
More info here: http://www.gridchinhall.ru/voloskulika
and here: http://kawarga.livejournal.com/tag/волос

Forthcoming gigs:

April 25 - NOISES OF RUSSIA @ modern art festival In Touch, Minsk, Belarus.
May 8 - HATTIFNATTER & LUNAR ABYSS DEUS ORGANUM @ open-air Systo Palty Togathering 2010, Leningrad region.
May 23 - HATTIFNATTER @ third festival of pre-music Otgoloski, cultural center "DOM", Moscow.

* * * * *

MARCH 2010

In the midnight on March 16th music by KRYPTOGEN RUNDFUNK will sound on air of "Echo of Petersburg" in the program by Nikolay Neljubin "Midnight. XXI Century". The program starts right after midnight from Monday to Tuesday and can be heard at 91.5 FM in St. Petersburg and suburbs. Other cities can listen to it online here (delay of live transmission is 5-10 minutes).

In Apil I will also take part as a member of NOISES OF RUSSIA in their tour with A CHALLENGE OF HONOUR:

April 09 - Helsinki, Finland;
April 11 - St. Petersburg;
April 13 - Pskov;
April 15 - Moscow;
April 17 - Kiev, Ukraine.

* * * * *


Neznamo / Kryptogen Rundfunk / Lunar Abyss Deus Organum - Magnitnaj Zmij

BioSonar^Labyrint has released a limited edition CDR with the extracts from a live concert at "Dom", Moscow, 17.02.2009 with three projects participating: NEZNAMO, KRYPTOGEN RUNDFUNK and LUNAR ABYSS DEUS ORGANUM.

Forthcoming gigs with LADO and GRK:

December 09 - LUNAR ABYSS DEUS ORGANUM (Vermel, Moscow)

* * * * *


V/A - Thalamus III

After a certain delay label KultFront has released the compilation "Thalamus III" dedicated to the festival with the same name happened on December 1-2 in Red Club, St. Petersburg. Involved artists are: Alexei Borisov, BARDOSENETICCUBE, DMT, NEIZVESTNOST', GANZER, 1g0g & Anna Zhurko, and GOVORIT RADIO KOSMOS (our project with Evgeny Savenko (LADO) and Nikolay Kalmykov (HLADNA)).

In the nearest time a series of concerts is planned - one solo KR gig and several participations on other projects:

November 07 - LESNYE BRATYA (Sigmund Freud Dreams Museum, St. Petersburg, 14:00)
November 07 - NOISES OF RUSSIA (ESG-21, St. Petersburg, 20:00)
November 11 - KRYPTOGEN RUNDFUNK (VVC (VDNH), "Kosmos" exhibition hall, Moscow)
November 21 - NOISES OF RUSSIA (Reality Research Center, Helsinki, Finland)
November 28 - BALTIC WIND (Sergey Kuryokhin Modern Art Center, St. Petersburg)
December 09 - LUNAR ABYSS DEUS ORGANUM (Vermel, Moscow)

* * * * *


Cotton Ferox / Bardoseneticcube / Kryptogen Rundfunk / 1g0g - Mother Russia Lunar Abyss Deus Organum + Hattifnatter - Lesnaya

Swedish label Edda Grammofon has released a limited edition CDR with the recording of an improvised jam of COTTON FEROX, BARDOSENETICCUBE, KRYPTOGEN RUNDFUNK and 1G0G "Mother Russia", made in May 2007 during Russian tour of COTTON FEROX.

Also, Biosonar Labyrint has released another collaboration recording of LUNAR ABYSS DEUS ORGANUM + HATTIFNATTER "Lesnaya".
* * * * *


V/A - Heilige Feuer 6

New releases again!

First, 2 tracks of KRYPTOGEN RUNDFUNK came out on a double-CD compilation "Heilige Feuer 6" released in memory of the festival with the same name which took place in December 2006 in Moscow.

Second is the new CD of LUNAR ABYSS DEUS ORGANUM "Tuntury", I took some part in the recording process of the material for this album.

And thirdly, Biosonar Labyrint has released a small handmade edition of L.A.D.O. & HATTIFNATTER collaboration work "Ostrov".

On March 10th we will play as HATTIFNATTER in "Point" club, St. Petersburg. Another project playing this night is FARYUS.

* * * * *


Sister Loolomie / Kryptogen Rundfunk - [W]interloop[s]

Noises Of Russia - Experimental Structure - Live at ESG-21, St. Petersburg, 06.10.2008

Two releases with my appearance came out in December 2008: a collaboration work with another Russian project SISTER LOOLOMIE entitled "[W]interloop[s]" and the live recording of NOISES OF RUSSIA concert performed in October 2008 with an unusual line-up in Experimental Sound Gallery (ESG-21), St. Petersburg.

On January 25th our new project HATTIFNATTER (with Evgeny Savenko - LUNAR ABYSS DEUS ORGANUM, BOEVYE CIKADY, RITUALNAYA BIOINGENERIA, etc.) will perform the first ever show in "Revolution" club, St. Petersburg, appearing at "Schwarze Welle" party. We will be aided by KSHATRIY.

On January 31st we will play as COSMODRONE in the new untitled club on Goncharnaya ul. 27 (St. Petersburg).

In February we're going to make a small tour in 4 cities with KRYPTOGEN RUNDFUNK / LUNAR ABYSS DEUS ORGANUM / BOEVYE CIKADY:

February 12 - Nizhny Novgorod;
February 14 - Kazan';
February 15 - Cheboksary;
February 17 - Moscow.

* * * * *


On October 28th KRYPTOGEN RUNDFUNK will play live in St. Petersburg at Experimental Sound Gallery (ESG-21) together with projects BOEVYE CIKADY and LUNAR ABYSS DEUS ORGANUM. More info coming soon...

* * * * *

JULY 2008

V/A - Rush for Black Celebration

KRYPTOGEN RUNDFUNK's track "Always Let Me Be High" was presented on a compilation "Rush for Black Celebration" (Russian industrial tribute to Depeche Mode), released by KultFront label.

On July 13th KR will take part in "Interzona" festival being held at the "Red Triangle" factory territory, St. Petersburg. More info in Russian is here: http://community.livejournal.com/inerzona/407.html

On July 22nd KR will play with Faryus in "Point" club. The announcement is here: http://www.faria.ru/index_rus.htm

* * * * *

MAY 2008

Friday, May 16, ESG-21 (St. Petersburg) - Russian droning party! The evening of drone, noise and alcohol with:

Nikolay Nikolaevitch (Hladna),
Evgeny Valeryevitch (Lunar Abyss Deus Organum),
Vladimir Leonidovitch (Maroon),
Igor Nikolaevitch (Tail),
Nikolay Ilyitch (Auktsyon),
Alexander Sergeevitch (VJ Alco),
Artyom Vladimirovitch (Kryptogen Rundfunk) and
Igor Anatolyevitch (1g0g).

+ more concerts in May - see the schedule here.

* * * * *

APRIL 2008

On April 23rd KRYPTOGEN RUNDFUNK will play in St. Petersburg opening the show of Einstürzende Neubauten. The announcement in Russian is here.

In May there will be a series of concerts in various projects with various programs. The preliminary schedule is on the live page.

* * * * *


Two compilations featuring KRYPTOGEN RUNDFUNK were released in December 2007: the Ural-based label Ostroga made the release entitled "Avtogen-Shaitan", actually dedicated to the title, and the Ukrainian label OMS Records (Ukrainian Dark Syndicate) prepared a compilation dedicated to a centenary of Sergey Pavlovitch Korolyov - "Energia".

* * * * *


2 concerts before the New Year:

December 18 - KRYPTOGEN RUNDFUNK at the mini-fest Storm of the Form - SPb, club "Zoccolo" (with Musicproduct, Lunar Abyss Deus Organum, Misery, VJ Yuri Elik). Announcement.

December 22 - jam 1G0G + KRYPTOGEN RUNDFUNK at Alban Arthuan - SPb, club "Cheshire Cat" (with Lunar Abyss Deus Organum, Places, Tonkiy Volos, DJ Izhe-Snami, VJ Alexx). Announcement.

* * * * *


Kryptogen Rundfunk + Hladna - Rokton + Formanta

New collaboration release of KRYPTOGEN RUNDFUNK and HLADNA on Zhelezobeton label: synchro-droning on two drum machines.

November brings the following concert dates:

November 11 - KRYPTOGEN RUNDFUNK at the festival Rexistence - Nizhniy Novgorod, "Record" cinema center (with Bardoseneticcube, Sirens, Rat's Hole). Announcement.

November 15 - COSMODRONE at the fest Electro-Mechanica - St. Petersburg, Modern Art Centre. Site of the fest.

November 17 - KRYPTOGEN RUNDFUNK - Moscow, cultural center "Dom" (with Reutoff, Aube). Announcement.

* * * * *


August 13th - a concert of HORDA MORDA in "Zoccolo" club (SPb) with Bardoseneticcube and Musicproduct.
The announcement in Russian is here: http://shumno.livejournal.com/3510.html

* * * * *

JULY 2007

Not so many news, only a couple of concerts in various projects:

July 06 - RITUALNAYA BIOINGENERIA at the fest Ivan Kupala Fucking Masterpieces with Necrus, Gameboyd Rice, Silence Corporation, Musicproduct, Musicproduct, Totalitarnaya Musykalnaya Sekta. St. Petersburg, ESG-21. Announcement.

July 08 - LESNYE BRATYA at the lecture Phenomenology of Noise, pt. 2 with Andrey Emelyanov. St. Petersburg, Sigmund Freud's Dreams Museum. Announcement.

* * * * *

JUNE 2007

So, the new project HORDA MORDA was born on the night of June 1-2 at the open-air fest near Solnechnoe-2, Leningrad region. The band's official press-release says:

Actionist digital black noise hardcore from St. Petersburg, Russia. The project's name is dedicated to the famous Australian Christian unblack metal band Horde which divided the black metal world in two halves - dark and bright. Horda Morda preaches up total outrage, convergence, balls, Satanism, Paganism and Christianity. At performances show up in altered states of mind. The project's participants: 1g0g (Noises Of Russia) - computer, effects; M.M. (Kryptogen Rundfunk) - guitar; Phil (Monopolka, Massive Ejaculation) - guitar, vocals; Pasha (Dadazu, Eject) - brutal vocals.

Forthcoming concerts in St. Petersburg:

June 21 - Bloodnok Killing Area - bar "Belgrad" (with Tape Salad, Sara'h Charity, Pichismo, Massive Ejaculation, Noises Of Russia, Pustozvet, Sperm Haters, Eject, Murder Junkies, Archilear, Ankylym). Flyer | Announcement.
June 22 - Harte Tänze, v. 1 - Red Club (with Asche, Morgenstern, Id Molotov). Flyer | Announcement.
June 30 - Thalamus IV - club "Place" (with Maroon, Mort-Art, Tsaraas, Sal Solaris). All here.

Last two concerts will happen without me because of leaving for tundra.

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MAY 2007

Compilation "Iznutri" is released, featuring an exclusive track by KR and a lot of other great bands.

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APRIL 2007

The KR's track about hamsters is out on "Roulette Russe pour un Peu de Caviar" compilation. This wonderful comp was produced by a Moscow-based label Monochrome Vision.

Another Moscow-based label Ewers Tonkunst will soon release another compilation "Iznutri" with another KR's track, but not about hamsters. Here's the announcement: http://darkindustry.darkside.ru/#110507.

KR and COSMODRONE will play live on 27th in St. Petersburg's club "Orlandina". More info here: http://zhb.radionoise.ru/eng/news.html

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MARCH 2007

Nothing happens. There are no news.

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We'll play at the festival "Military Days" not with the project COSMODRONE as was planned earlier, but with a new one called LESNYE BRATYA (The Forest Brothers) consisting of the same people. I don't know what it would be like, perhaps some partisan dub or something. Schedule and so on - at the live page.

* * * * *


The year has begun with a trash concert at Monopolka's place. Blood, tits and burnt soundsystem. In the end of the month (on Jan. 27) KR will play in Kazan'. Here's the announcement of the event in Russian: http://kazan.rossia3.ru/nu/

Meanwhile COSMODRONE has already been honoured with first unofficial release - a compilation DVD-R with live recordings from the festival "Noise vs Glamour" in Moscow: http://www.noisetoys.nm.ru/distro.htm. By the way, at the moment we're working on the official video compilation "Noise vs Glamour" from the concert in St. Petersburg.

COSMODRONE will take part in the festival "Military Days" dedicated to the Motherland Defender Day on February 22 at Moscow's "DOM" and on the night of the 23/24th of February in St. Petersburg's "Orlandina" club.

* * * * *


The last show of COSMODRONE in this year will be on the night 22/23rd of December in St. Petersburg club "Orlandina". Press-release of the event is here: http://www.electro.noises.ru/press21.htm.

Label KultFront has just released a new compilation "The Black Square" with a track from EKRAN, so I can congratulate myself on it :) and wish happy New Year to all of you!

* * * * *


Back from 2-week double-tour of COSMODRONE & KR, now enjoying home. Good fellow MC Prorok (Noises of Russia) collected the whole digest on the fest "Noise vs. Glamour / 06" in live journal (including photos & videos): http://community.livejournal.com/noise_ru/795.html.

Future plans - both KR and COSMODRONE will play on gothic (!) festival "Radio Inferno V" in company with notorious gothic bands Bardoseneticcube and Noises Of Russia. All the info is at festival's website: http://radioinferno.ru.

One more concert of COSMODRONE will be on December 5 in ESG-21 (St. Petersburg). There will be also a performance of 1g0g + Bardoseneticcube, they say they will roll the balls on the plates. I don't know what it means.

Almost annual festival Heilige Feuer VI will happen on December 8-9 in Dom, Moscow. Participants: A Challenge Of Honour, Des Esseintes / The Protagonist, ICK, Anthesteria, Radio Murmansk, Leiche Rustikal. You can see the official press-release of the festival (in Russian) for example here: http://ohms.ru/index.php?go=Pages&in=view&id=88.

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Old site is kaputt! Now please break your eyes with this 8-pixel font :)

Meanwhile COSMODRONE project will take part in the festival "Noise vs. Glamour / 06" which is going to happen in the second half of October in 5 cities: Helsinki, Yaroslavl, Ryazan', Moscow. We won't play in Helsinki, well, at least me. Approximate schedule is the following:

21-22.10.2006 - Orlandina, St. Petersburg
23-24.10.2006 - Air, Yaroslavl
25-26.10.2006 - Planetarium, Ryazan'
27-28.10.2006 - Dom, Moscow.

All adjustments, line-up and so on can be found at organizers' site: http://www.noises.ru/festival/english.html.

In the beginning of November COSMODRONE will play in three more cities:

02.11.2006 - Severodvinsk
03.11.2006 - Arhangelsk
05.11.2006 - Vologda.

Most probably I will also play as KR either in Severodvinsk or in Vologda, or in both cities.

Fresh news - both KR and COSMODRONE will play on gothic (!) festival "Radio Inferno V" in company with notorious gothic bands Bardoseneticcube and Noises Of Russia. Festival's website hasn't been updated yet, but the schedule is available for example here: http://community.livejournal.com/ru_industrial/176813.html.

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